Paying It Forward

The Scot & Tracy Scala GPA Scholarship

We are pleased to announce the Scot & Tracy Scala Grant Professionals Association Early Career Membership Scholarship. Mr. and Mrs. Scala established the scholarship to support individuals who are early in their careers and interested in furthering their professional development. The scholarship pays the Early Career GPA Membership dues for one full year.

GPA helps grant professionals continually improve their knowledge and skills in grant research, proposal development, and post-award grant management. They set the standard with a commitment to ethical practices, high-quality educational offerings, excellence in resources, and a community of professionals dedicated to serving the public good. Visit the ‘Learn More’ link for information from the Grant Professionals Foundation about this scholarship opportunity.

Scholarship illustrations showing ways of paying it back.
Scot Scala with group of seven Haitian children.

Connecticut-based Haiti Ministry

Scot and Tracy Scala are dedicated to the Connecticut-based Haiti Ministry that supports the sister parish, St. Therese.

Collaborative efforts help raise the resources necessary to feed nearly 500 students and fund teachers’ salaries.

Scot Scala's hand palm up with tiny brown hand of Haitian child.
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