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Professional Grant Training

Providing grant training to the nonprofit sector is an important component of the services that Scala & Associates offers. We provide grant training through our own training selections, such as the samples noted further down on this page. Each session is specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of your organization.

Scot Scala is honored to have been selected by the Grant Professionals Association (GPA) to provide comprehensive web-based training specifically to Early Career Professionals. In conjunction with our Strategic Alliance Partner, Cyndi MacKenzie, we facilitate a “Next Level Training” series of educational webinars. Participants learn many core competencies of the grants sector that further their professional development.

Grant Training Designed with Your Needs in Mind

Designed with your busy schedule and experience in mind, Next Level Grant Training features:

  • One monthly class – for 12 months: 3rd Wednesday of the month at 10:00 AM Central/11:00 AM Eastern
  • One-hour sessions including ample time for questions & answers
  • Online-archived class content for later reference
  • A constant cohort of participants, led by Grant Professional Certified and GPA-Approved Trainers

Each session will reinforce the GPA Code of Ethics and related Grant Professionals Certification Competencies. You can earn up to 12 Continuing Education Units, too!

Scot Scala is a GPA Approved Trainer

Scot Scala has earned the Grant Professionals Association Approved Trainer status. It recognizes grant professionals who are outstanding trainers, experts, and authorities in the grants field. Scot frequently conducts in-person and virtual presentations, lectures, keynote addresses, and leadership retreats on a regional, national, and international basis.
Grant Professional Association approved grant trainer seal in red.

Hiring a Professional Grant Trainer

Consider the following questions if you’re thinking about hiring a professional grant trainer.

  • Is your nonprofit in need of professional grant training that will enhance its success in winning grants?
  • Does your nonprofit’s leadership or board of directors need to ‘step up their game’ when it comes to engaging in the grants?
  • Are your association members in need of professional grant training that will increase their understanding of the industry?
Scot Scala was great at engaging individuals, listening, citing examples, and staying attentive to all participants during his session "Best Practices for the Grant Professional in the Pre-Award Phase." His knowledge and expertise taught us the complex aspects of managing the grant pre-award phase and strengthening relationships with the grant program and finance personnel. Having Scot as our presenter brought us clarity and helped my staff overcome grant obstacles.
Khandyce Mosely, Grants Division, Fort Myers Police Department.
Khandyce Mosely, MBA
Grants Division, Fort Myers Police Department
I could have stayed in that classroom listening to Mr. Scala for hours on the topics of grants and leadership development. He is a wealth of information and advice... exactly what I needed.
Suzanne Snyder Johnson, Executive Director
Sail Beyond Cancer, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Northern New England Conference
I highly recommend Scot Scala as one of the best grant trainers that we have had to provide high-level webinars to our membership. We can always rely on Scot to share his expertise in relevant grant materials by offering personal stories and specific examples in his training.
Alyssa Loefflerk GPC Grant Professionals Association South Florida Chapter, Secretary
Alyssa Loeffler, GPC
Grant Professionals Association South Florida Chapter, Secretary

In-person and Virtual Training Sessions

Our professional grant training selections are designed exclusively for industry associations, nonprofit organizations, their leadership and board members. We tailor each session to meet the specific training needs of our clients.

Below is a sample of the 25-plus different in-person and virtual training sessions we offer.

Our Most Popular Grant Training Sessions

Think Like a CEO and Lead Your Grant Professionals Career

Learn how to consistently engage in strategic high-level activities that develop and advance how you think, work, and approach your grant profession as an individual and in conjunction with nonprofit leadership and the board of directors.

Ethics in All Things Grants

Review the Grant Professionals Association Ethics Code of Conduct and understand how ethics is in every aspect of the grant life cycle and in all we do as grant professionals.

Best Practices for Developing the Competitive Edge in Your Grant Writing

Learn techniques that will advance your grantseeking that include: understanding complex terminology, defining grantmakers’ expectations, developing reviewer-friendly narrative styles, and creating proposal strategies.

Preparation is Everything... How to Demonstrate Program Impact in Grant Reporting

Learn how to prove that your organization understands that what it does is making a difference to its demographic and in the community it serves.

Mastering the Phases of the Pre-Award & Post-Award Grant Lifecycle

Better understand the complex aspects of managing the continuum of the Pre-Award and Post-Award grant phases to help ensure a seamless process that wins and manages grants.

You Won…Now the Real Work Begins

Understand the complex aspects of managing grants and the importance of accurate program and financial reporting; understand that relationships within the finance department and with funders do matter; reconcile that grant professionals are leaders, but also need to be part of a team.

Grant Funder Stewardship is all About Relationships…But with an Eye on DEI

Understand how to use a hyper-focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) to improve the strength and duration of grant-funder relationships, while demonstrating organizational values.

How to Build a Top Support Team for Your Grants Process...The Board

Learn the principles necessary to effectively recruit, train, and work with board members to create a culture of philanthropy for the nonprofit organization that encourages a successful grants process.

What 35 Years as a Grant Professional has Taught me About the Pre-Award Phase

The presentation will help grant professionals better understand the complex aspects of managing the pre-award phase by detailing strategies that best prepare organizations to win grants.

The Psychology of the Philanthropist ~ How a Donor Thinks is Essential to Cultivating the Relationship

The session will take a deep dive into the mindset of the philanthropist and explore how fund development professionals can best understand how donors think, what motivates a donor in their giving, and how to inspire a donor to action.

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