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Writing grants that get funded requires many things, but mostly solid preparation. With Scala & Associates, you partner with a dedicated grant writing team that works alongside you to prepare the essential components of a successful grant process. We’re expert grant writers who know the value and importance of helping our clients prepare for success!

Our Four Grant Writing Services

1. Grant Readiness

Scala & Associates will ensure that you are well prepared for the grant process. We measure your grant readiness against our 38-point checklist that meets or exceeds the expectations of grant funders.

The grant readiness checklist informs our work together by assessing to what extent your organization and its programming are ready to compete for grants. Any areas in your grant readiness that are lacking are where we go to work immediately to get you ready for success. 

In addition, we will ensure that the written content on your organization’s website, Guide Star profile, and social media is current and aligned with each other. These are important areas that grant funders often review when considering funding requests.

2. Grant Proposal Design

When you work with Scala & Associates, you engage a team of experts who are Grant Professionals Certified. We have demonstrated our skills as grant professionals against stringent national standards. Our team can provide expertise in grant proposal design and related services in multiple ways.  

  • Serve as lead administrators for the grants process, managing all aspects of grantmaking
  • Work in cooperation with, and/or independent of staff in the preparation of grant proposal materials
  • Design letters of intent and full grant proposals
  • Prepare written and electronic applications of all types
  • Develop local, state, and federal government applications
Scot Scala is a results-oriented professional who provides a high level of professional integrity and personalized service. He and his team are experts in grant writing, research, and grant project management. He is well informed about the constantly evolving fund development challenges facing today's nonprofits.
Gail Millerick headshot of Grant Writing client.
Gail Millerick
Director of Development & Volunteer Services (retired) MidState Medical Center
Scot Scala immediately said yes when I asked if he would speak for our fledgling GPA group. Scot was well-prepared and brought deep knowledge to our Noontime Talk. I have heard from numerous attendees that said he was organized and knowledgeable, and they very much enjoyed the talk. One of my favorite things about listening to Scot talk is his calmness! Grant writing has many nerve-wracking deadlines, and Scot is a successful grant professional thriving in this high-pressure field.
Jennifer Potter attended Grant Training.
Jennifer D. Potter, MLS
Owner and Grant Writer, J. Potter Grant Consulting

3. Case Statements

A case statement is a critical component to any project worthy of funding and the writing of the grant that supports it. As part of a strategic grant process, Scala & Associates will write the case statement as a living document. The case statement should reflect the many elements that are included in a winning grant proposal. Some of these elements are:

  • Needs statement
  • Current supporting data
  • Program description and goal
  • Demographics
  • ‘People First’ language
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion statement
  • Evaluation, measurements, and metrics
  • Sustainability plan
  • Logic model

4. Compliance and Review

This is an important process for organizations that choose to write their own grant proposals. Having an outside reviewer put a trained and fresh set of eyes on your written work can significantly improve your chances of getting the grant award.

Scala & Associates will perform a review of your organization’s written grant proposal to ensure that it fully complies with the funder’s requirements. We will also perform a thorough review of your grant proposal to check for clarity, spelling, grammar, formatting, completeness and sentence structure issues before it’s submitted.

Our compliance and review process provides you with recommended edits and our supporting rationale in comments. Where applicable, we will offer alternative written narrative for your consideration.  

At Scala & Associates, our years of experience, knowledge of the grant profession, and superior skills give us a competitive edge in helping our clients win grants!

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