Ethics in All Things Grants

Review the GPA Ethics Code of Conduct and discuss how ethics is in every aspect of the grant life cycle and in all we do as grant professionals.

Winning Grant Awards…the Secret Sauce is in the Preparation

AFP Northern New England Conference 363 Maine Mall Rd., South Portland, ME, United States

The presentation will help grant professionals better understand the complex aspects of managing the pre-award phase by detailing strategies that best prepare organizations to win grants.

Physician Health Programs Strategic Plans ~ Your Roadmap to Success

Grand Hyatt Nashville 1000 Broadway, Nashville, TN, United States

Establishing a comprehensive plan for the Physician Health Program ensures that your programs, practices, grants, fund development, and policies remain mission focused. During this in-person conference session, participants will begin […]

The Psychology of the Philanthropist

This in-person presentation will guide participants to a better understanding of today's philanthropists, focusing on who they are, how they think, and what motivates them to give.

You Won…Now the Real Work Begins

Understand the complex aspects of managing grants and the importance of accurate program and financial reporting; understand that relationships within the finance department and with funders do matter; reconcile that […]

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